Another Hamilton County Great Park is in southwest Hamilton County. Shawnee Lookout has three (four in the Winter) trails for hiking. Today I started with the Blue Jacket trail.

Blue Jacket Trail

Blue Jacket Trailhead

Blue Jacket Trailhead

This has some hills so you burn a few calories in just 1.4 miles. There is a gradual decent from the trailhead to the loop portion. I like to alternate directions on this loop too, so the views are revealed in different ways. Today I chose clockwise at the loop.

View of Great Miami River

Bend of the Great Miami River

The payoff view on this trail is of the Great Miami River. There is a large bow at this point. It’s about midway into to loop and a bench is provided so you can enjoy it for awhile. The walk back to the parking area is more up from here on. As you cross the right of way for the electric towers you may see a variety of wildlife. In the summer you can usually find some blackberries growing here too.

Little Turtle Trail

Little Turtle Trailhead

Little Turtle Trailhead

Another lollipop trail, around two miles in length. This too has some hills, but not as many as Blue Jacket. You can easily walk this with your family in about an hour, including stops at the burial mounds and overlooks. It is also a fine date hike. The trail is wide enough and well groomed for walking together.

View of the Ohio River

Ohio River Overlook

There are two overlooks of the Ohio River and the Kentucky shoreline on this trail. These are where the trees have fallen and revealed a view. The park just placed benches and rails at these spots so you can enjoy the sights. I used to take some snacks for resting at these when the kids were small. Now I just sit and watch the barges go up and down the Ohio River.