24 September 2019

More about the Boston trip.

Monday, Continued

We went to see the remodeled offices at InterSystems last night as part of their Global Summit. The cool part was we were picked up outside the hotel in a duck boat. We had a tour of the Boston area and the Charles River. Mindy even got a turn at driving the vechile.

Our duck boat for the evening.

The dinner was a Revolutionary War theme complete with a living bronzed Minuteman, town crier and fife and drum. The food was great as usual. Inside the office space was open for inspection. Their entertainment room was better than what I am used to a work, but they have more sales than we do.

We returned to the hotel on the duck boat as well. No river this time, but after a couple glasses of wine and some beer, maybe that was for the best.


Mindy did not have sessions this morning so we decided to check out the Boston Public Library downtown. The classic part is beautiful. Mindy worked in Government and Business in Cincinnati when were younger, so we checked that out. Actual printed copies of census and government statistics available to hold in your hands without having to find a staff member. And it smelled great.

We wandered over to the new construction and found an exhibit of pre-Civil War maps showing the expansion west. There were hands on exhibits too. We took a few minutes to work on a magnetic puzzle.

Magnetic map puzzle.