30 September 2019

The past few days I have been working on the problem: "What if Europe sent their Explorers instead of their missionaries?" Imagine if the explorers adopted the native beliefs, we could be attached to the land instead of chasing growth. So maybe we would not have gone to the moon, but what if we had not killed most of the indigenous people. Maybe climate change would not be our fault.

I know a few missionaries, I also love them. I also believe that spreading the iron age point of view is going to fuck up our world. We need to live in the present, we need to be present. I think you can be critical of modern morality and still participate in modern life. I simply want everyone to accept that we are in a heterogeneous world. You do not have to support organizations that you do not agree with, or even that offend you. I do think we have to entertain them, if they are not against your way of life, why be against theirs?