08 November 2019

This has been a humbling week for me. I made a few milestones and missed a few due to my continued decline as I age. I am beginning to rearrange my bucket list.

Amazon Web Services vs DotNet

This really feels like an impedance mismatch. Microsoft development for non-Microsoft platforms is challenging, to say the least. This week Microsoft signed on to the Java Community Platform. We are having difficulty getting C# application to build and deploy on Azure so I really do not have much hope for their expansion into open source platforms. The dotNet Core platform is having some problems with non-Windows deployments.

Getting Older

I tried to keep some old veggies going on Wednesday. I ended up with food poisoning. My wife had to come pick me up from the office because I was too dizzy to drive home. On the bright side, I no longer trust myself to overcome physical disabilities but I used to just get sick and get over it. Clearly I am not twenty anymore.

Mindy drove me to work on Thursday and I put in a full day. I felt awful by the time I left and came home to leftovers in the refrigerator. I found one of my favorites, country ribs from the weekend. The fat did not agree with me. I lost my gall bladder twenty-five years ago. Now my liver has a fit when I dump a load of fat on an empty belly. Spent another night in pain.

I slept a little later and found that I could still get through my strength training this morning. A little later than I would have liked at work but I am encouraged that I can still find the discipline to get myself to physical training after a night of hell.


Why the hell would I eat something that was blinky? When I was young food was a measure of wealth. Everything I remember eating was cooked, thoroughly. When I started high school I learned that people ate differently. In university I learned that people in other parts of the world had completely different palettes. I still have problems with throwing food away. Years of backpacking have given me a pretty good resistance to most food-born problems, but nature is always trying to thin the herd.

It is probably time for me to accept that I cannot rely on my youth for protection against drinking from any water source or eating any plant that I can identify. I have accepted that I need sleep and time to study things other than the latest shiny thing. Maybe my personal life need some temperance as well.