I hope someone will move this status to published if I fail to survive.

2020-03-30 Summary

I have been documenting the social distancing in my life for the past two weeks. Computational consulting is actually a good deal. My principal benefactor is giving up on us. They believe that they can continue our work in Japan. If they find a talented crew to take it over they may make it. If not, they sealed their fate.

Work from home mandates are beautiful to me. I enjoy being with other people, if I get to choose the other people. I really want to deliver value to our clients. On the other hand, we can really make some progress in asynchronous communication using tools such as BaseCamp. I really do not want to spend over ninety minutes a day driving to see my coworkers. I also appreciate the fuel I burn to get there. The cost of transit needs to be considered when we think about going to "work".

I am Addicted to Other People

I am an introvert, I cannot deny this. I need to have other people around me to attenuate myself. I am also on a spectrum, how can I express this and continue to raise my boys? I want to teach people to think. Can I teach someone to think? No. Can we interact to find a way to socialize? Yes. We can make a non-social system work. The down side is that this depends on temperature. Global warming is not a good thing.

I have my wife and my children. I specify my wife as the one person that I have chosen. The children are a result of our decisions. We decided to try for children, my daughter was a result of that, which I will will forever enjoy. I thought we would have a boy, but the joy of having a healthy child should make any father love his place in life. The boys are a result of Mindy’s desire to not have a single child. It has certainly made my live different.

I am a different person as I am. I live in an epidemic, how will I deal with this if I lose a child or children? Cost versus benefit? Losing a child? Economics? I really do not have a frame of reference for loosing a child. Do you?