Today’s work from home allowed me to run an errand with mom and dad.

Started in the Office

It was just a bit chilly on the porch this morning. We had a front move through over night with some storms. They woke me up so I skipped exercise and slept a little longer. My day is much more flexible without the extra ninety minutes of travel. I can always add it in at lunch or after I am done.

I wasn’t sure how long I would be in the office so I turned the happy lamp on, it gives me a eerie look during stand up too. We are all a little short on work right now, project ends on Tuesday so we mobbed on the harder stuff. AWS IAM configurations are always hard. Good to get the knowledge spread around the team.

Afternoon on the Porch

The afternoon was warm enough to head back to the porch. It even warmed enough to open the windows. Bird songs and the sound of the next door kids playing. The family of Redtail Hawks hunted the back line for awhile. We continued to share knowledge of how to Terraform AWS and Azure build pipelines.

Mom and dad picked me up after 14:00. Dad usually waits until the last minute to get his taxes prepared, I pointed out that he has until July this year if he would rather not go out. He said he had the appointment, may as well keep it. This is the last year he intends to do it. I am supposed to start taking over all of the finances for he and mom, he cannot keep his mind on it any longer.

Returned in time to finish up on getting a new build pipeline working. We had a virtual beer together to wish EJ a good start to his new gig on Monday. I even had a chat with the account manager about openings and where I can update my skills starting on Wednesday.


I made a pot roast for dinner, in the oven instead of the crock pot. I smelled it cooking all afternoon so I had to work on my self discipline. After dinner I checked that Great Parks trails were still open, took my youngest for a walk. He complained that he was still hungry so we drove through Wendy’s to get him a snack. I pulled up to pay and he adjusted the bill. Said I didn’t sound old, gave me the "Goodbye Boomer" discount.