Last day on a project that is being moth-balled.

End of Project Blues

I slept in after a night of anxiety, I could not stop my mind from latching onto negative thoughts. I did manage to keep it together by trying to keep my heart rate and breathing under control. I suppose I should just avoid the doom based podcasts for a dew weeks.

We are wrapping up loose ends at work. Tweaking Terraform scripts and trying to get the local docker compose scripts running on everyone’s machines before we set them aside. On the bright side, we are hitting the bench together tomorrow. Looking forward to finding billable work though.

A New Display

My Ultra-wide monitor came today. I have wanted one for home since I got one at work. Our work-from home stipend made it a reality. I prefer this to multiple monitors. I can have documentation and my editor open on the same screen. I really do not have to leave my home office anymore. As much as I want to head for the Smoky Mountains, this is pretty good too.

Chore Night

I went to see mom and dad tonight, Tuesday is chore day. I spent fifteen minutes doing what needed to be done, then had a couple of beers and talked for an hour. Mom wanted to go see her sisters in Kentucky on Thursday, she decided against it after she heard that interstate travel is discouraged. I am encouraged that mom and dad are beginning to avoid other people.

End of the Month

Christ. This has been a long month. I have raised twin boys and this was a very long month. I am trying to avoid a dark time, it would be very easy to just tune out for week and sleep. I am looking forward to going to the seed store and getting some cole crop starters this weekend. The garden is waiting to be started, hopefully that will be enough to pull me back up.