I am starting to fall into a routine now. Maybe even a healthy one.

Letting Nature Take Over

I tend to wake up a little before seven each morning. Especially if I do not drink before bed. So I think I need to shift my exercise back to the morning and use lunch for a walk. My dad says retirement means every day is Saturday, work from home kind of makes every day like Thursday. There is stuff that needs to get done, but the pressure is less.

Good News, Old News

I had an early appointment with my behavioral therapist. The early part of the week was rough. High anxiety, but very little depression. I would rather live with the depression, I know how to work with that. The anxiety requires full time attention, and I really need to verbalize my thoughts to process them. I am happy that I am working from home. I know this pisses my coworkers off. Now that it is just my boys playing games in the computer room, I throw them out when they complain.

I made some good progress on my GCP training this morning. I also had a ping from one of the practice leads. He has a client coming on board next week that has a bunch of EDI work that needs to be ported to a modern platform. It is only a couple of days a week, working on moving legacy code to modern frameworks. I could live with billable work interleaved with professional development, in my home office.

Home Life

It was sixty-two degrees when I was done for the day. I dug the charcoal grill out of the barn since burgers were on the menu tonight. I moved to the back porch after my lunch walk this afternoon. It was sunny and I got my only hoodie out of closet, which made it pretty nice. The afternoon passes quickly when I am on the porch. I wish I had a better phonograph player out there. I may have to move my stereo out there, I don’t think the rest of the family appreciates it anyway.

Burgers, chips and mustard potato salad from last weekend tonight. I do not know why but my kids do no like potato salad. Leave more for my wife and I. I had a half hour of time between building the fire and ready to cook. I spent it with my neighbor’s twenty-four plus month daughter. Before winter she was Hi or Hi Dennis, she told me everything she knew about our back yards in thirty minutes. Jo is now my favorite person in the whole universe.

I had planned to walk and work in the garden after supper tonight. I kind of hit the walk part, I kept walking around the yard trying to keep my kids working on mowing. When I asked why they did not finish my neighbor’s yard after their tractor died, I just got "Not my job." I plan on using the same response after I make supper for Mindy and I tomorrow.