18 March 2020

I spent most of today in a Hangout working on Terraform configurations.

Hitting Our Stride

I spent an hour before stand up working out the details of creating a PostgreSQL installation on AWS EKS installation. There are plenty of guides out there for a simple installation with little to no security. It is more difficult if you want a production level deployment with read replicas.

Stand up was seamless, we frequently have at least one remote for this ceremony. We took care of follow-ups immediately after stand up. The team decided to just keep the stand up hang-out going all day. That really brought the office chatter back. The team is all male so we dig at each other during the day. These are not something we want preserved for posterity in Slack. An open channel allows the social aspect to flow.

Mobbing on the Terraform configuration seemed like a waste when I joined. I also thought that a couple of us would have to support the transition so spreading this knowledge around is important. I am fortunate to work with curious and consciences people, so they had done their homework and I ended up learning from them today.

At the end of the afternoon we had a voluntary meetup on Ring Central. The premise was to share what we are looking forward to doing after the quarantine. I shared that I am looking forward to time in mountains with my family. We had to cancel our spring break trip this year. Travel does not seem like a prudent thing to do now. Hoping we are out of this mode by June.

Today I Learned

Yawns on a video conference are contagious. I cannot explain why. Maybe because we have spent so much time together over the past six months that the empathy is just there. I have had other completely remote gigs and I do not remember this happening.

A place to just get together with anyone that chooses to show up is nice. The afternoon Ring Central meeting to share what we were doing buoyed my spirits much more than I thought.