23 March 2020

Oh boy, the work from home period was extended until April 6th by the governor, and I feel fine.

Happy Monday

Mood at stand up was better. Everyone had the weekend to relax. A mandatory closing of all non-essential businesses was issued yesterday. We are working from home until at least April 6th. We have extended our sprint by one week so we don’t end the project in the middle of a sprint.

Looks like I am rolling off at the end of next week. Updated resume for another gig, and let everyone on LinkedIn know that I will be available in April. I should also update my other social media accounts. We have good account managers at Callibrity, but the jobs that I have really enjoyed have always come from friends.

Home Office

I have had an office in the basement for the last ten years. Around four of those years have found me spending a good part of my time working from home. This December I bought myself a nice office chair after spending most of my time at a standing desk. Turns out, standing all day is not good for your body either. (Not to be conflated with moving on your feet all day.) I may get one of the desk lifts so I can alternate between sitting and standing if this goes into May.

Callibrity was gracious last week and gave everyone a stipend to update our home offices. I am finally getting an UltraHD monitor for home. I have been using a 1920 by 1080 for a few years now. I would not have know the difference except I got a curved UHD at work last year and I love it. I cannot wait for it to arrive next week.

I spent my entire day working on the back porch today. I had the space heater cranked up all day. It started at 50 degrees this morning and was up to 65 degrees by the end of the day. I may have to work in the office in the morning until the morning temperatures improve.