Chilly morning, decided to work in my office this morning.

Social Media Distancing

I am trying to avoid Twitter today, there is a lot of inspiration content, but there is a lot hate too. I am not up for that today. Looks like we are looking at May before we can begin socializing in person again. It also looks like the nation’s leaders want to send everyone back to work next week. One thing I am hoping for is to be out of isolation in time for the November election. I have made up my mind on this group.

Work from Home and Real Life

The bright spot of my morning was when I walked through the family room after stand up. The work from home anchors on Local 12 had their kids with them for their last updates of the morning. I remember having toddlers and elementary school aged kids around when working from home. Interruptions are going to happen. They are going to ask questions during phone calls. The work will still get done.

I actually enjoy it when a child or animal walks and/or crawls into the room while we are in a meeting. Kids get to see what software development looks like as it happens. We really do not sit at our keyboards and write code all day. A good part of each day is talking to other team members and customers to determine what code to write. Reading documentation burns a good part of the day. I is better now that we can search, but a good fraction of your day is spent on what and how, then the coding.

Afternoon Walks for the Win

I try to walk for twenty to thirty minutes each afternoon. Sitting in front of a screen for eight hours is not a healthy lifestyle. It also brings my spirits up, by 14:00 I am usually pretty worn down. A twenty minute walk gets me interested in my work again.

Margarita Recipe

I found a simple margarita recipe a while ago. Limes are cheap now so I revived that as my after dinner drink. Two shots tequila, one shot triple sec, half a lime squeezed, light salt on the rim of the glass and a couple of ice cubes. I just stir mine, and I don’t bother to filter the lime pulp. Cheers.