Made it to midweek. We are getting work done.

Collaboration in Hangouts Meet

We just leave our morning stand up Hangout open during the day now. It is really nice for impromptu comments on what is going on in the team. It is also a place to mob on problems. Unlike in the open office, if you need some space to think you can just turn it off. I like to think of it as the best of both worlds. We have really accomplished a lot in remote mode, I suspect even the developers that would really be in the office are not missing the daily drive.

Returning to the Back Porch Office

The porch was only forty degrees this morning so I worked in the basement office until after lunch. The sun had warmed the outside temperature up to almost sixty by then so I moved to the porch desk. I even opened the windows after 15:00. Sunshine and bird songs made the afternoon go quickly.

Virtual Scout Meeting

The boys' scout troop is trying to hold their Wednesday night meetings online for the duration of the social distancing order. Tonight they tried using Google Hangouts. The free version is lacking, only twelve simultaneous connections and there are at least fourteen families in the troop. And a dozen boys online at one time is about as well controlled as you would expect.

School resumes with online instruction next week so hopefully they will have better video conferencing habits. Looks like they have settled on Zoom for next week. I do like its management features. It does have some creepy spyware aspects though.

Another Perspective

I noticed that my wife has started blogging again. I suspect there will be many more people dusting off their old blogspots during the break in socializing. You can find her’s here.