Woke up to rain today, slept in. Next weekend I get busy again.

April Brings Hope

I just put my head down and try to get through March. I spend time hiking and on a good day, maybe pulling weeds in the garden and cutting honeysuckle back. The start of April gives me hope. I know that I will more good days than sad days. I know that I can begin to do the hard work in the garden. Burning the brown woody stuff, that acrid smoke.

I usually do the weed till in April. I still do this even though I own my own tiller now. I used to be the easy time to get a loaner. I will do a deep till next weekend if the weather holds. Then the following week will be spent planting. I tried to get the herbs started today, but I slept in and I still needed to get some groceries for the week.

Face Masks

We have been experimenting with face mask design in our house for around three weeks now. The t-shirt based approaches were adequate. They actually function pretty well in everyday life. I would like something more versatile though. I remembered the shemagh that some of my former scouts wore while in Afghanistan and other semi-arid areas. Available for order from Amazon, I picked one up.

Versatile shemagh.

I really do not know why this is not the dress uniform for going out into the world. It is easy to wrap, comfortable and when you pull the head covering down, totally comfortable. I can see leaving my sun hat at home now. If you pull the face protection down, the loose cotton allows your head to breath too.

Mindy did some more sewing today. I really have a hard time with a sewing machine, I learned to sew by hand so everything takes me an order of magnitude longer to do, but I can do it without electricity. She pulled some old fabric that we found twenty years ago to cover an aquarium stand. With some quilting fabric she had, and a little ribbon she made me a mask to go with my happy shirt.

Happy frogs.

If you need to recenter, Cryptonaturalist podcast is an excellent place to find a place to just think about where you are in this universe. This episode is a nice meditation on how fortunate we are to even be experiencing life.