Read the specification, now I am trying to roll my own selfauth endpoint in Java.

SelfAuth in Spring Boot

In software, everything is easy until you try to code it. So I have been working all morning on figuring out the control flow for the selfauth protocol. I am approaching it in steps now. And creating a separate posting about it. I sure do wish that TLS had been baked into the web from the beginning, testing this stuff on my laptop is difficult.

Back Porch Privilege

I spent the afternoon in the back porch office. It was 78 degrees and I finally had to take a walk at 15:00. I even convinced my son to with me. My children are what you might call "indoor enthusiasts" so the weather was beautiful. I know that this is about as good as one can hope for in a pandemic. I am truly grateful.

I spent the next two hours with the windows open, listening to the neighbor kids learn how to play badminton with their dad, who will likely go to his shift at the police station in a few hours. I also enjoy listening to the kids talk about their take-home packets. I think the kids are learning more about life now than at school. They raise chickens and rabbits, and mom is a nurse so they get to learn how to care for others.

After Work

We made chicken quesadillas for supper tonight. Frozen chicken cubes that I warm in a skillet with some chipotle and chili powder. I miss having the fajitas on the side. We will have fresh vegetables in a few months, just having trouble getting them now.

RIP John Prine

So I hit Twitter before heading to bed. I find out that John Prine has died. I thought sure he would make it after they moved him out of intensive care. I assumed that this was a positive sign, it is not always positive. Sometimes it means that someone is occupying a space that someone else is more qualified for, so I hope that these people are better off. I am running out of musical favorites.