A new Google SRE ebook dropped into my feed yesterday. And my IDE gets a big update.

Take Care of the Team

I spent the first twenty years of my career focusing on the technologies that I used to deliver software. The last ten years I have been learning how these can be used in an organization to deliver software. I have also learned that if the team is not right, no technology stack is going get a project done.

Agile development frequently fails when the team is not autonomous and fully skilled to deliver the product. If your organization is not agile from the top down, you probably need some help building your development teams. If your team is lacking in some skills, you may consider adding some consulting talent to fill the gaps. Make sure their goal is to work themselves out of a job.

The product that the team is going to deliver is going to feel like the team that builds it. If you have multiple teams building your systems, you will find that the resulting system looks a lot like the teams that develop and support it.

IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1 is Available

I had an email this morning, IDEA 2020.1 was available. This is my favorite tool for Spring web development. Best of all it now supports Java 14. My other favorite feature is the ability to install a new JDK from within the IDE. I get the yearly subscription to Ultimate. It’s worth it.

Google SRE Books

A new book in the Google Site Reliability Engineer site has a link to the newest book in the series. SRE Books has a new title, Building Secure and Reliable Systems. Just started it today but looks like it follows the previous titles. Guess what? They hire to place people in the correct team.