JavaScript enhanced HTML pages. I am finally forcing myself to code a sample application today. No frameworks, I need to really learn how this stuff works.

Framework-less JavaScript

I suspect the problem I have had with Angular and ReactJS have been that they bring so much cruft and delay the development process. I know, I use Spring on a daily basis, but we are really just working with web pages. I see the value in templating utilities to cover the boiler plate stuff. I really just want to work with the HTML and let those with design skills handle the CSS. So late yesterday I pulled a few articles on VanillaJS and started to follow along.

Harder Than it Looks on YouTube

Cheese n' rice! The script tag has a new attributes. The type="module" fixed my problem trying to import an ES6 external script. I thought I would make it easy on myself and use a modern dialect. The async attribute did not surprise me per se, but I had not anticipated that I would want this feature. I am working on a separate posting for new JavaScript skills for old developers. I do not think I can re-direct input based on a path parameter.