Body hurts from working in the yard this weekend. Ready for a little time in the office chair.

Stop Using HTML in Email

I am currently sifting through emails, scraping data that would normally be entered into another system by hand. I have a batch that is heavily formatted in HTML, for no clear reason. Adding mark up to make communications visually appealing makes this incredibly difficult. It is right up there with sending a Microsoft Word document. On the bright side, they did put the fields in a table, so I can write some expensive regular expressions to pull the data out.

I can also get the data as an Excel spreadsheet. That may be an option. This is going to run on Windows so chances are the software will be there. Getting all of the vendors to create a common data format or web API would be the easiest way to exchange data, it just will not happen anytime soon.

This Last Longer than I Thought

The governor announced that schools will not reopen for in-person classes this school year. It looks like working at the office is not likely to happen before June. Given that there are no plans for active testing or antibody testing, putting everyone in an open office is going to be a bad idea. Hopefully Ohio will be able to acquire tests before flu season begins again.