22 April 2020

To celebrate Earth Day I worked from the back porch all afternoon. Even with the space heater it was too cold in the morning.

Regular Expressions

The majority of my current project is coding regular expressions to extract text elements from email. There is a fair amount of boiler plate stuff to wire up each format, but the hard stuff is the pattern matching. I have a few years of Perl experience, and plenty of shell development, so this is not my first time applying regex where there is probably a more elegant solution. Thing is, I really enjoy a pattern matching problems. I got hooked in my automata class in college.


Remote work really does allow me to have more flexibility in my day. I have one son that sees a behavioral physiologist every three weeks. I would normally spend at least two, and a half hours to take him to the appointment and return him to school or home. I can add hours to my work days through the week to compensate, but all I have to do now is set up the call and participate in a ten-minute review at the end of the session.

I also enjoy being able to hang laundry out each hour through the day. I try to take a five-minute break every hour. The FitBit reminds me. Hanging the laundry is a perfect fit.

Enjoying Rural Life

Today was the pick of the week, so I set some strip steaks down to thaw yesterday. I grilled them tonight. I tossed the potatoes in the oven and drove into town to get some cole slaw and beer. I did have to use the gas grill to compensate for the beer run, but it is almost as good as charcoal. I do need to clean the gas grill, the grease fires are getting worse.