23 April 2020

I have spent the day testing and debugging code. Even missed a call because I was in the groove.

Testing and Debugging

My day at work seemed short, until about an hour ago. I have code that behaves differently when run in two different places. I am really disappointed with the dotNet ecosystem. Why the systems developers could not make regex work the same way as every other sane environment has really been causing me issues tonight. Whenever someone asks why dotNet Core is not more popular, I can always respond: "Because it still sucks!".

Rural Time

I tried to wake the boys up at 08:50, they normally have a check-in conference at 09:00. I had fallen back asleep listening to the rain. I woke up at 08:30 and started to get ready. Mindy had gone to sleep in the bedroom recliner earlier this morning. When we have a cold rain, I do not hurry, but then I remembered that the boys have school, and I need to get my part of the project done.

We had an online work meetup tonight. We call it happy hour, but I still have too much to do to start drinking at 16:30. I do enjoy seeing everyone. I took time away from the project to attend, knowing I would have to work after supper. This is not different from daily life around here. Neighbor kids see me out hanging laundry and want to talk or toss ball, so I take the time. I suppose Callibrity is just part of my larger neighborhood.

Slowing down is the best part of the pandemic. I can still work, probably better from home. I can also enjoy more of my good life. Time spent commuting will never be quality time for me. I know how old I am now, and middle age is in the rear view mirror. It is likely that I will never write software that makes a significant portion of the world better off, but I sure can make the people around me better off.

A case for the virus uncovering our already broken environment.

Some things we can learn from the virus. Especially, slowing down. Full disclosure: Team Human is one of the podcasts that I listen to every week. If Douglas ran for national office I would work my ass off on his campaign.

I spend a good portion of my day making decisions for clients that are directed by this. Read the post, if you need more information, give Callibrity a call. I should be available next week. Been talking shit about Microsoft.