11 August 2021

Thought I was rolling off of a dotnet project on Friday. Surprise, four more days.

Hello Monday

I was up late reading, until 01:00 actually. I paid for it today. I didn’t get out of bed until 08:45. Nice part of working from home, no shower needed. Make coffee and head down 26 steps to my office. I get to continue the work on the dotnet data extraction project. It is nice to have work right now, hoping for some Java and/or Linux work soon.

The weather was nice today. Got to work on the back porch for a good part of it. I also delivered my first contribution for integration into production. I never get tired of that thrill. I know I have done my best, time to find out if that was good enough.

Anniversary Day

On the bright side, today is my wedding anniversary. Twenty-nine years ago we made the commitment to make a life together. Eight years later we decided to share our lives with children, and about a year later we had our first. Most of all, I am glad we had the chance to meet in high school, work out the issues through college, and make a home together.

My advice to youth today, stay the fuck away from dating sites. Common experiences help you both cope with the issues that are coming at you through life. Oh, and if she does not like her mother, get out of there.

Ohio Reopening with Deliberation

So on Friday you may be able to get non-essential surgeries and visit the dentist. The latter makes me happy. I canceled my cleaning in March because I was starting with a cold, seemed prudent. I could really use a cleaning soon. I hope the wait is not too long.

May 12th retail can reopen. But it will be with social distancing protocols. Looks like masks will be required. We have been gearing up for that the past few weeks. I think we have a design that Mindy can make easily. I ordered shemaghs for the kids, these are terrific for summer. The best thing is the company that I work for is going to continue remote work for the foreseeable future. I miss everybody but I love the clean air.

We need make the economy more democratic, plutocracy always ends with pitchforks and famine. The Coronavirus Crisis explores the problems, short on solutions though.

Want to skip the next pandemic? Stop making it worse.