An unexpectedly nice day, plenty of sunshine on the porch.

Chore Day

Hit the coding this morning, I knew I had to do a pairing interview this afternoon and I wanted to get my stuff done today. Made progress through the morning and was in a good mood for the developer pairing that we do with every perspective hire.

I enjoy the pairing problem. I really hope it does not become stressful for the participant. The feedback that I have received in the past is that is pretty chill. I try to set a smooth tone, I just want to see how someone approaches a new problem. Software and systems consulting is a blast if you enjoy hitting problems that have rough edges.

I covered the gainful employment by 17:30. I still had the family chores to do. The kids do not feed themselves and we agreed to get take away for supper, they cleaned the leftovers up last night. We placed the order online, I picked it up after 18:00 and we were done by 19:00.

Tuesdays nights are usually when I go to do chores at mom and dad’s. I even got a kid to go with me tonight. Mom likes to see them still, I like a designated driver so I can have a few beers with dad. The chores are usually light, and I enjoy talking to them. Good thing, still no baseball to watch.