11 August 2021

We killed the backlog, client was happy. The surge team was released today.

That Was Quick

We completed the client’s backlog today. They thank us by rolling the surge team off. I understand, we do cost money. On the bright side, I can go back to training on the bench for the rest of the week. Sounds like I am targeted for Java and cloud role next, whenever our customers decide to kick off their new projects.

Spent the afternoon working on my JavaScript skills. I am learning how much can be accomplished without any of the major frameworks. I need to make some time for GCP training again. Likely spliting the day between the two. Another certification pays off pretty quickly. Leveling up the JavaScript skill will pay off more over time.

I would like for another in-house Java project to kick off. Staff augmentation gigs are okay, but I enjoy success more when I am with a Callibrity team.