11 August 2021

Giving in a bit. I need the Bootstrap CSS to lay out a site. CSS is not my forte.

Using CSS is Easy, Writing CSS is not.

I gave up this morning and went back to my old friend Bootstrap. The CSS portion makes life so much better. The material feel is an affordance in my opinion. This is not an art project. I want to end up with a site that is simple to use, even the first time.

Spending Time Alone

I need some time alone each day. I have learned over the years that I need to keep that to an hour or less. I need time to reflect, not brood. Over the last decade I found that working with others gives me purpose, and a feeling of belonging. My therapist is fond of citing examples of strong social networks being part of a healthy emotional state. I agree.

You Are Not Alone on the Internet

Remember that the internet was not built to allow everyone to be an individual, it exists because we need a way to connect individuals together, to survive in a world that has been partitioned by nuclear war. It was built to bring those that survived together. Commerce destroyed that ideal, most of the sites exist to make commerce inexpensive or to market products to you. We can resist by building our own sites, publish your own thoughts and follow the others that inspire you.

Kevin Kelly on turning sixty eight.

My immediate region has put most of its revenue eggs in the income tax basket. Brookings.edu has an article showing how this could lead to a loss of regional services.

Relationships are the point. Hidden Brain