I am making friends with JavaScript again. I have a basic page working now. Trying to add calls to the server today.

The Right Tool for the Job

As I spend more time with web development I am finding the issues that JavaScript addresses. I do not have pages complex enough to require a framework at this time, I do have some spots where a full round trip to the server is overkill, especially for a mobile page, so I am beginning to explore the Fetch API today.

I have also found that building payloads of data in script tags and rendering them via DOM manipulation is a compelling use case for JavaScript. I would have to add another five percent of the page weight in markup without this technique.

Tick Season Again

I took a walk around the lanes tonight. I found one black tick and four deer ticks on me. It will be below freezing this weekend so I will have a few days without the little blood suckers, but it is shaping up to be year thick with ticks. Remember, one opossum can eat over 3,500 ticks in a week. Give our buddies a brake if you can.