I have been ready to plant for over a week now, these frost and freeze warnings just keep coming.

This is not the May I was looking for.

I received another alert to cover the flowers that we planted a couple of weeks ago. Although it looks like it may be safe to put the corn and peas in later this week, these cold snaps are starting to get me down.

REST Payloads

I spent most of today trying to figure out how to build payloads to return to my client side code. I am ignoring authentication and authorization for the time being. I know I can add those with Spring annotations later. The trick to getting my head around unfamiliar technology is to take small bites.

So my favorite secure chat application has been purchased. Not sure how I feel about it. keybase.io.

I have been banging this drum a bit lately. SPA fatigue appears to be on other minds as well.