11 August 2021

Woke to rain, rough week so I rolled over and slept for two more hours. Day 45 working from home.

Relax, We Are Not Going Anywhere Today

Woke up to rain falling on the roof, rolled over and went back to sleep. Some days I just decide to skip exercise and go with the extra rest. This is really difficult when I have to drive to work, but working from home does allow me to focus on my mental health as well as physical health.

Nashorn Is Still Useful

I have spent most of the week looking for existing solutions to problems I have encountered while fleshing out an intranet design. There seems to be a JavaScript solution to every component I have needed. I really wish the Java Community would reconsider removing Nashorn from the standard distribution. Sometimes it is just simpler to use the JavaScript implementation with a little glue code.

I consider the bicycle the greatest invention to date. It is my favorite mode of transportation beyond the two mile range. Today I found a story about San Francisco maybe giving it a try City without Cars.

My favorite CSS and JavaScript library received an update. It just handles the details of a Material UI without getting in my way. Bootstrap 4.5.0.

Looks like The Server Side still exists. They have a decent introduction to GraalVM, I did have to sign up first.

A different perspective is at Quarkus.

Sometimes I want to save a web page for later research, given the short memory of the internet I have found Monolith to be useful. I creates a single web page with everything you probably need to view it in the future. I recommend piping it through gzip, modern pages are big.