11 August 2021

Looks like those with real offices are permitted back in the company office. The development "pit" is still under consideration.

Spring Boot Update

I started playing with the latest Spring Boot (2.3) today. I am specifically interested in the latest support for OpenAPI. I looks like I can build a REST service and have the starter plug in build the OpenAPI specification from the actual implementation.

Walking in the Rain

I grilled hot dogs and brats in the rain this evening. I spent a lot of time in my chair today so I wanted to get out for a bit. I am lucky enough to have good rain gear, especially a good rain coat. Spring is the perfect time for a rain coat (knee length) and water shoes. It is just cool enough to make a rain coat comfortable, and temperatures in the sixties makes wet feet feel pretty good.

I did see a family on the trail, checking out the rain as I left the parking lot. Other than that I had Shaker Trace to myself.

Wet Trail

I have to be present when I walk this trail in the rain. The fauna takes advantage of the lack of bicycles and joggers to cross the asphalt divide. I met a very intent night-crawler this evening.

Night Crawler

I also met dozens of snails tonight. Saw a few that met an untimely end as well. I figure these creatures deserve a break, and do my best to avoid damaging them while I walk the trail.

Snail on the Trail

Came home just before sunset. Weather was breaking to towards the west. Went out on the back porch to see if there might be a rainbow. I did find one to the east. Mindy and I went out on the front porch to watch a double bow in the eastern sky.


I have had issues with the business model used by Uber and Grubhub, and many others. Treating people as contractors because you want avoid the taxes associated with employment is sketchy, at best. Today I ran across a posting about the little guy getting back. Doordash gets a little negative feedback.