11 August 2021

So this week I did the up front work with a new client. Looks like I am heading to a new gig.

Eleven Weeks of Working from Home

I have really enjoyed the extra time I get to spend around the house without spending ninety minutes a day on the road. The down side is that I also do not get to spend time cooking and drinking with our friends. I suppose the best way is something in between. I would like to have social contacts again, including at work. Three days in the office would be acceptable.

I interviewed with the local office of a fintech company this week. Looks like I will be working with them in the near future. I am very interested in how these businesses work. I am deeply suspicious of capital markets where growth is more important than sustainability. I do want to see how it works for myself, and it is in downtown Cincinnati, so I can ride a bus again.

End of the School Year

We wrapped up the school year on Wednesday. While my kids are fluent with technology, they are not disciplined in their use of technology. I am hoping that the next school year will be a normal, in person, year. Mindy and I are clearly not high school teacher material.

I used to identify as a conservative, when that label meant that one valued being a member of a community, making sure that all were taken care of and valued. David Brooks was a journalist that I followed then, I follow now. Check out his NY Times editorial. Sadly, conservative now means a very small community, becoming more exclusive.

Remember David Byrne? He founded a site Reasons to Be Cheerful.