11 August 2021

Harrison, Ohio is about fifteen miles outside of Cincinnati. Life here is about as normal as it can be during a pandemic. Cincinnati is pretty fucked up.

The Start of the Month and the Week

I try to start the month off right with a full regimen of exercise. I also try to hit the ground running on Monday, get serious work done at work. During normal work weeks these objective can be managed. Now that we have social distancing, and a nation that cannot agree when it needs to focus on its health over making the quarterly projection, we are now facing a paramilitary shutdown.

I am supposed to start working with a client in Cincinnati soon. I rely on the local bus service to get to the city. Not sure if I should disappoint a new client, or drive into a melee. I hope to split the difference and drive to Blue Ash to work in the company office. At least until the local mayors can negotiate with the citizens to find a way to reduce the lethality of the police forces.

Passing this along Black owned restaurants. Ollie’s Trolley is my favorite long walk to lunch when I am working in Cincinnati.