11 August 2021

How to Spend My Downtime

I have been looking for some time away from the homestead. The critters and the weather are beating the hell out of the garden this year. I really just want to hit the road and camp. The family Conestoga is a little long in the tooth, but I would love to have a summer with the kids before they go their own way.

A cruise ship is really not my cup of tea. I like wilderness, not commercial tourism. I ran accross this and gave up on the idea of a family vacation on a ship. We have a house in North Carolina booked for August, hoping that will work out. I need something close to mountains before then though.

My wife is an indoor enthusiast, the kids are in decent shape, but really are not able to keep up with my old ass with a mission.

If you like Leonard Cohen I recommend the Rolling Stone article. If you struggle to understand the world and make the world understand you, maybe this will help.