13 August 2020

This was the week that we were going to go to the Smokies with Mindy’s family. We found a house in North Carolina this year, however, several people in the family are subject to a ten day quarantine if they travel outside of Ohio.


Just to be clear, I am sick of staying in the county. I love the mountains, as much as I used to love the seashore when I was younger. Now that I have lost the beach body and found my mountain body I am happy to use the legs and lungs that decades of backpacking and climbing have developed.

The garden has been pretty challenging this year. A dry spell where I had to keep an eye on the peas, followed by plenty of rain where I am now cutting the weeds that interfere with my tomatoes and corn. I think the zucchini and cucumbers are about done for now. I cannot weed that area fast enough, and we have plenty.

I am finding time to visit with friends. I had a peaceful night with one of my high school friends last night. I slept deeper than I have in weeks. Maybe I need to emphasize local connections more, but I do long for dark skies and high hills to make my hike a little more enjoyable.

Making New Friends

Chores were caught up after supper tonight. I left the dishes in the sink, went to Miami Whitewater Forest. I like to walk the Shaker Trace Trail. Mostly cyclists tonight, and it is a nice ride, but when I want a few miles after supper I like to walk it. Tonight I made a new friend, a bobcat this time.

When I noticed her.

And just before another walker approached and we had to part ways. I was trying to get my phone to switch to video, which I have to relearn every time.

I got closer.

I met a new buck on the walk back to the car. Seems the ducks do not have enough water this week to hang around. Plenty of new bunnies though. I’m too old to get a mobile out and take a picture of those kids now.