I had a full day, needed a nature bath.

At the End of the Day, There You Are

I enjoy a long weekend, but that also implies that the next week is shorter, and as much as my client tries to account for the lack of hours, the goals are still set based on everyone running at one hundred percent for five days a week. The truth is that we are doing well to run at seventy-five percent. Production issues, interruptions, systems issues are going to occur.

I turn my personal electronic interruptions off during the day. I check my phone during periods of expected downtime, system builds and such. Otherwise, my goal is to focus on client work. I do have a tickler set to get up every hour. My personal preference is five minute up for every hour of sitting. That works out to getting rid of a cup of tea and brewing another each hour.

I was running on less sleep today due to a family emergency. I made some baby back ribs for the kids, they love them, and they are easy. I do not know why people order these at restaurants. The flavor they provide is because they are fatty, and I need to burn those calories. So off for a walk in the wetlands. I did not want to dress for the real hike, so I walked the paved path that is usually free of ticks.

I walked the Shaker Trace trail from the Baughmann Road parking lot out to the picnic shelter at 3.1 miles. Actually, I walk a little further to the horseman’s picnic area. The wildlife prefers that site. No joy tonight, but the sunset was more orange than usual. On the walk back, I found a new friend.

Juvenile Turtle

Baby snapping turtle.

The kid was sitting in the middle of the trail, pick the turtle up and was trying to move them to the grass when the neck came around in an unexpected curve. Left the turtle at the edge of the grass, in the direction it was heading. Grandpa used to set traps for these creatures, and then make turtle soup. I am now ambivalent about his traditions.