I have friends that celebrate their birthday month. I do not have that much energy anymore. I do enjoy a birthday week. You cannot count on a single day to bring joy.

Autumn Is Finally Here

The temperatures turned down over the weekend, and the equinox was Tuesday. The corn stalks are turning brown now. I harvested the last of the corn on Sunday night. Was up late blanching and putting it up, with a six pack of beers. That made for a long Monday.

I am working in my basement office until lunch now, the back porch doesn’t get to 65 degrees until then. I like coffee with the sun, but I prefer to be mostly comfortable to work. I did put a rug down under the desk. Cold concrete and arthritis are not compatible.

Long, Violent History really made a mark on me this week. Were empathy valued as much as we wished, the republic would be a much different place.