I tried to install a highly rated news reader application on my Ubuntu 20.4 laptop. I have had nothing but problems, even after I uninstalled the application and the installer.


I decided that FeedReader would be a good choice for keeping up with my list of RSS feeds. In order to get this application I had to install another package manager, Flatpak. It took a couple of tries to figure out how to get flatpak to run on Ubuntu.

A couple of tries with flatpak to get FeedReader to install and I was ready to try the application. It was a disappointment. So I will discount TecMint reviews in the future. A bit of searching and I figured out how to remove flatpak. I did notice that my suspend feature for power management resulted in a panic each time I resumed from suspend.

The next step was to remove flatpak, so I found a couple of blog posts on that, it appeared to be successful. The suspend problems are still here. I did find some solutions on the Ubuntu solutions, most end in reinstalling Ubuntu. Fuck. My spidey sense told me not to keep going when the FeedReader instructions did now work.

I was hoping that the next round of updates from Ubuntu would update whatever is preventing the desktop from recovering during awakening. Not so far. I guess it is time to backup my home directory and nuke it. I did want to permanently remove Windows anyway.