I have a $500 budget for personal development, without much guidance. I do have to submit a plan in the next two weeks.

What is "Personal Development"?

We have a new input for evaluation this year at Callibrity. We have a $500 stipend for "personal development". Examples given were learn a new human language, learn to play an instrument, cooking lessons, something new that is not technology related. Home brewing is in bounds. My desire to reduce my consumption of alcohol rules that out.

My hobbies fall into hiking and gardening. Lots of space to grow in both. I have been considering alternative gardening methods, no till, hydroponic and vertical gardening. I am not interested in personal growth in technology. I have a few side projects, but I do not get the joy from building software the way I did when younger. I have been entertaining teaching youth about horticulture for the past couple of years.

My children do not enjoy spending time outside, and see cultivation, maintenance and propagation as tedious labor. I see it as a way to test my knowledge and skill each year. I have found some others that would like to work with kids that do not have land to cultivate. Maybe seed money for a non-profit would be a good use for my personal growth.

I suppose this year will be horticulture. I cannot count on the pandemic abating in time to chase a through hike.