The site has been limping along on an Ubuntu 16.04 based server for the past couple of years. I finally took the time to upgrade tonight.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

I could have gone with 22.10, it seems stable enough, but I do not enjoy running down issues when I could be working on my side projects. I use Digital Ocean for my virtual servers due to their decent prices and excellent documentation. It beats maintaining a website on a home server and inviting the whole world into my lab.

Adding a new server via droplet was easy. I found the article on must-do server setup, installed nginx from another guide, added Let’s Encrypt and copied the content up. Took about ninety minutes.

Next Steps

I need to set up GoAccess to get a daily report of visitors and pages accessed. I gave up on Google Analytics four years ago, nice graphics but the privacy leaks were not worth it. I have been playing with a new template, with no Bootstrap, just HTML and only the CSS that I actually understand. It will still be a static site. That is the way a weblog should be.

Followed the instructions to configure the server Initial Server Setup with Ubuntu 22.04.

Follow How to Install Nginx on Ubuntu 22.04 to get the webserver up.