27 November 2020

Callibrity allows me to enjoy a developer oriented environment that values client satisfaction. I work with clients that have decided to move their systems into the public cloud. I have experience on the Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. I know that your enterprise needs solutions that can scale over time, and that you need to do this for less than building your own solution.

Senior Backend Developer

June 2020-November 2020 Luma Financial Technologies

Developing Spring Boot and Spring Cloud services to integrate with external trading partners. Modern technical stack of EKS, DocumentDB, PostgreSQL, Redis and RabbitMQ using Java 11.

In-house Senior Developer

July 2019-June 2020 Cloud Development Practice

Developed .Net libraries to extract applicant data from email messages and populate CMS with initial contact information.

Automating AWS configurations using PowerShell and C#. Manual procedures are being implemented in PowerShell and legacy VB.net code bases are refactored to run on ASP.NET core containers. We are already seeing a cost savings using Kubernetes and RDS instances.

Developed in-house software to expand our cloud partnerships into Amazon Web Services. Became AWS certified developer while extending our internal knowledge base in Amazon services.

Software Consultant at Kroger Company

August 2018-July 2019: Digital Customer Program, Search Team

Moving search services from the on-premise Cloud Foundry configuration to a Kubernetes cluster in Google Cloud Platform. Dabbling in Go, on-premise to cloud networking and all of the headaches that come with a hybrid architecture. Also supported the upgrade of on-premise services during a major upgrade of our DataStax infrastructure during the cloud migration.

Software Consultant at Kroger Company

May 2016-August 2018: Digital Customer Program, Search Team

Provide development and support of item search supporting the ClickList online ordering solution. A collection of micro-services using DataStax Cassandra and SOLR indexing for full text searching and faceting. New search services are developed in Kotlin using Elasticsearch. All development is in Java 8, using GitLab continuous integration and deployment techniques. Deployed in a multi-data center Pivotal Cloud Foundry environment.

Software Consultant at Kroger Company

November 2015-May 2016: Digital Customer Program, Platform Micro-services.

Provide design and development of micro-services to replace key functional parts of an existing WebSphere Commerce system. Worked with architects and business owners to determine the most reasonable functional units to implement as Spring Boot micro-services.

Software Consultant at Kroger Company

February 2015-November 2015: Digital Customer Program, eCommerce Developer

Develop unit test strategies for developing WebSphere Commerce extensions. Create TeamCity build pipelines for existing services, and add SonarQube coverage analysis for existing code base. Reported on unit and integration test coverage. Helped to document the need to move to a more modern platform for development of the next iteration of the online shopping site.