05 February 2020

Maintained and extended e-commerce applications in the business-to-consumer business area. Applications include externally developed web store, fulfillment and point-of-sale applications. Also supporting internally developed single-sign-on and and point of sale bridging application. Languages: Java, Korn Shell, SQL. Environments: Java 1.3, 1.4, 15. Websphere 5,6. DB2 UDB.

Maintained and extended a point-of-sale application using the BeanStore framework. Languages: Java 1.3, 1.4, Perl. Environments: BeanStore, Swing, Servlets, Spring.

Extended a custom document repository to implement a new rights management strategy. Language: Java. Environments: JBoss 4, Spring, Hibernate.

Added customer requested enhancements to Teamcenter Integrator application used to validate vendor product structures against Oracle and SAP databases. Language: Java. Environments: Teamcenter Integrator 5, Windows, WebLogic 7.

Developed C-based custom client to load product structure into Teamcenter Enterprise installation. Prototyped XSLT translator for receiving external vendor files. Created web-service extension points for existing Java client application using Apache Axis. Language: C, XSLT, Java. Environments: Teamcenter Enterprise 4 on Windows/HP-UX, Apache Axis.

Developed test and analysis software to a large (2 TB) labor forecasting application. Developed and maintained Junit/Cactus classes to validate model interfaces. Created aspects (AspectJ) to explain the derivation of forecasted resources from the historical data. Maintained data load and migration scripts for DB2 database.

Implemented Open Financial Exchange (OFX) access for Quicken and Microsoft Money online account access. Business logic was developed within the Financial Fusion Server framework running within WebSphere application server. Language: Java. Database: DB2. APIs: OFX, EJB - STSB, Servlets, Universal OFX.

Designed and maintained client and server components of a large document imaging and workflow system. Languages: Java, C, C++, Visual Basic, XDP 4GL, and E/SQL. Databases: Informix, Access. Tools: webMethods/ActiveWorks broker, and FileNet IMS.

Designed and maintained iPlanet web application providing document control output to work-group and high-volume printers. Languages: Java, JavaScript, PostScript. APIs: JDBC, Servlet, JSP, Swing. Database: Informix. Tools: ActiveWorks, Ant, Junit, iPlanet web server.

Developed interface from Java workflow API to native C Windows and Unix imaging applications. Languages: Java, C.

Developed fax input components to accept workflow imaging from external users. Languages: Java, Visual C++. APIs: RightFax, JavaMail. Database: Informix. Tools: ActiveWorks.

Converted a QNX based warehouse management system from a C-tree database to Oracle implementation on AIX. The system tracked merchandise through the warehouse system including receipt, storage, picking, and shipment. Project received client’s “Most Valuable Partner” award. Languages: C, PRO*C, and PL/SQL. Database: Oracle.

Created an InstallShield application using InstallScript and C to install the server-side portion of a medical image management product. The application locates existing server components through the system registry; such as Web server, Microsoft Transaction Server and other extensions before installation. Each required component is then verified for version and patch level.

Created a Microsoft Transaction Server interface application in Visual C++ to automatically install business logic components via MTS Administration COM interface. These components implemented existing business rules, optical storage interfaces, and abstracted database access as a server process which could be transparently used by client applications.

Created a Visual C++ directory monitoring application used to automatically import image and data files generated by 16-bit applications into the existing DCOM business object architecture.