05 February 2020

Responsible for the conversion of wavelet transform image compression software library from Unix to OS/2 development library and Adobe Photoshop plug-in modules on Windows, Win32, and Macintosh platforms. Used IBM C/Set under OS/2, Microsoft Visual C under Windows 3.1 and NT 3, and Think C under Macintosh.

Designed and developed demonstration software for video and sound editing modules using Microsoft Visual C++/MFC 2. Supervised the development and integration of modules into customer’s existing product.

Responsible for the conversion and integration of true-color image editing package into CorelDRAW 3 and 4. Designed and developed a true-color image editing package which included special effect filters, plug-in scanning modules, four color separations, device color calibration, and multiple format file import/export modules using Microsoft C 7.0 and Visual C++ 1.0.

Designed and developed a printing and file import and export modules for ImagePrep (Product received PC Magazine Editor’s Choice award in August 1991).

Designed and developed an application independent scanner interface. Interfaced flatbed scanners to the ColorLab application.

Development environments included: Windows 3.1; Windows for Workgroups; NT; Video for Windows; Microsoft C and C with MFC 2.0 using Microsoft’s SDK; OS/2; IBM C/Set; C/Set with IBM Toolkit.